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Earth Girl on Earth Day 2020

It seems impossible that the first Earth Day was 50 years ago, but my grey hairs and expanding waistline bear testimony to the passage of half a century. I do remember my blissful college days in Madison, Wisconsin and celebrating the first Earth Day as a novelty on campus. I confess my initial interest in earth Day had more to do with the coeds attending than a true dedication to helping our environment.

Over the years I have come to appreciate the trials that are besieging our Mother Earth. I admit I have not waged war against Japanese whalers with Greenpeace, or even done composting at our home. (We do recycle but I'm told that has questionable benefits these days). We do try to live in an environmentally friendly way and support appropriate causes . There can be little doubt that global warming is a major threat to our world and a change from carbon based fuels is essential.

Eight years ago a friend asked me to contribute a picture symbolizing my concept of Earth Day for a brochure in Milwaukee. A close friend loaned his captivating daughter for the picture and I morphed Monarch butterfly wings and a bubble with the earth onto her. Looking at that picture years later still reminds me of a positive force for the earth that we desperately need today.

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