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Brews and Stilettos 

First novel

     Entrepreneur  David and his sidekick Clint can’t believe their luck and possibilities  after stumbling upon a potential real life “Fountain of Youth.”  Even better, this elixir is at least in part from a private brew of beer from one of the Trappist monasteries in Belgium.  Of course, they do have to travel half way around the world to Brussels, Paris and even Mongolia to track the formula down. Clint even has to disguise himself as a monk to gain access to the monastery.  They have to battle an evil group of stiletto knife wielding Russian thugs who are after the same potion and not afraid to kill for their prize.  

     Our heroes do get help from a pair of high fashion beauties, a Billionaire with his massive bodyguard and a Bob Dylan obsessed Mongolian guide.  They need all the help the can get to chase down a legacy from the immortal Genghis Kahn and likely change the world in the process. 

These are some photographs of my travels to Paris for research while writing this book.

The Eiffel Tower at night (left).

The crazy horse, where one of our characters performed (above).

The Seine River with Notre Dam (below).


Our heros have an exciting journey down this river in Brews and Stilettos. 

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