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My Story

    I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1946 as an early baby boomer into a nurturing middle class Jewish family.  My grandparents had emigrated from Russia/Ukraine and England/Germany and my parents remained close to their many siblings.  We had a cottage at Cedar Lake and the cousins spent summers together in an idyllic setting, swimming, horseback riding and playing.  One of my favorite memories was listening to my father tell us improvised stories at night before we would go to bed. Years later I would be creating stories for my children at night. 

    I was fascinated by medicine since I was 5 years old and continued that path for many years.  I practiced Family Medicine and was fortunate to be able to focus my attention on my patients and not all the regulations, unnecessary documentations and insurance issues we doctors have to deal with now.  I delivered around 200  babies over the years and at times took care of their parents and grandparents too!  I practiced medicine for 25 years in Milwaukee and became quite involved in administrative aspects of medicine.  I was Chief of the Medical Staff at St Luke’s Medical Center from 1998 to 2000.  I moved to Northern Nevada in 2001and I continued to practice medicine here for the next 15 years.  I retired in 2016 and now work for the voluntary staff of UNR seeing patients at the Ross Clinic in Carson City and teaching medical students. 

    Despite my focus on medicine I have never forgotten my roots in story telling from my family, nor my interest in history from my father.  I have always been fascinated by historical figures that were able to change the world - and am amazed by those who do the same now. I have enjoyed writing over the years and have written 4 children’s stories that are proudly sitting in a drawer in my office - some day I may expand them and try to publish them. As many others I thought about writing a novel but my long working hours  prevented that.  Now that I am re - tired I have more time and still some energy, so why not make the effort?

    As a writer my ideas and characters come from my life.  My daughter, with her high heels and fashionable clothes is the basis for one of the fashionistas in my book.  My brother and his friends are interested in Belgian beers and became the source for my group at Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena where the story begins.  I was fortunate to  meet Dr Sudeep Chandra at UNR who is an expert in Limnology(Fresh water studies).  What I learned from him about Mongolia led to my setting in Northern Mongolia and the monastery there as well as the fly fishing there for the giant trout called Taimen.

    Some of my interests and hobbies find their way into my writing and some are waiting in the wings for future projects.  I am interested in photography, water lilies and ponds and travel.  I tend to bounce most of my ideas off my dear wife who has been an integral part of all my projects. Writing continues to be a major part of my life and my only question is:  “Where will it take me from here?”

The Chudnow Museum

of Yesteryear

My father was always collecting antiques and over the years his collection grew until it overflowed our house and expanded to his office. I believe his collecting engendered an interest in history in myself and my siblings and ultimately at my father’s passing we started the Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear in his honor in Milwaukee. 

Timna National Park, Negev Desert, Israel 

My father was devoted to Israel and he and my mother made many trips there and became fascinated with an area called Timna in Southern Israel. He worked with Israel to develop the Timna National Park and even built a lake in the desert.  Our family recently dedicated The Chudnow Welcoming Center as part of the park and the park now has some 15,000 acres and sees thousands of visitors  a year and has become an important archeological site.

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