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Adventures in writing, Charley's genes and my first review

I know it’s been a while but my dance card has been full(as they say). My dear wife Teri and I went to New York to the Writer’s Digest conference in August, where I pitched my book Brews and Stilettos to every living soul I could - including 7 agents, of which 4 expressed some interest. I realize this is a baby step on a long, arduous process but ,“Who Knows?” I have had the book edited twice and have had respected colleagues look at it with general positive responses. A multifaceted friend, Lana, was kind enough to write a review which I am including.

I decided to review my genetic roots since I seem so drawn to Mongolia. Is it likely that I have the Kahn gene (along with 16 Million men in this world)? I do not know the results of that as yet - there was a bit of a delay when our dog Charley ate half of the envelope to send my DNA back for analysis. I enclosed a note to the lab that if they found any Standard Poodle genes in my make up I know where they came from. I suspect there are those who would not be surprised by a certain canine bent to our family. My brother feels that might explain our curly hair.

I have started working on my second book, it just seems like the thing to do. I would likely drive my poor wife crazy otherwise. It looks like I am headed to China on this one, and as usual will start with a small group of characters that end up possibly changing the world. The Internet certainly helps with the research. The process clearly is an adventure in its own right. The characters and plot are beginning to coallescs out of the ether and start an adventure that I and my six readers can follow.

I leave you to Lana’s capable and appreciated thoughts. I would stay longer but Charley found my wallet and I will need to get a new driver’s license from the DMV since he “altered” the old one.

Lana's Review:

Brews and Stilettos is a compelling adventure that begins with a murder, ends with a wedding and keeps the reader wanting more! Exotic locations lend to the romanticism as the reader goes from Brussels to Southern California, Paris and even Mongolia. The horrifying murder of a monk and the disappearance of a wealthy young man, Timothy, posing as a monk in the first pages leads to a mystery that begs to be solved. The introduction of Clint and David in Southern California educates the reader about different beers and delves deeper into the Story of an ancient monastery that brews a magical beer that packs a super power punch. Clint and David have a run in with the beautiful and beguiling Giselle and Molly, taking romance to the next level. The story takes the four on an adventure where they must travel and work together to solve the mystery of Timothy’s disappearance. Russian mobsters, secret codes on USB drives hidden all over the world, and a brief stint as a monk to learn the secrets of the monastery are just a few of the scenarios that await the reader of the tale. The story will allow the reader to live within the adventure and play the story as a movie in their head as they embark on the mayhem and mystery with Clint, David, Giselle and Molly. There is something sacred and special about a story that allows the reader to live within it. The sequence of events as well as the luxury and glamour of the locations and the fashion brings to mind the classic movies of the 1930’s and 40’s. Dr Chudnow lends his expertise to the story with historical acuity and eye-opening descriptions of everything he wants the reader to see and feel. The descriptions leave the reader feeling as if they are a part of the adventure. He paints the picture of the Louvre, Paris, a battle scene in Mongolia and the streets of Brussels to make the reader feel as if they are actually there. Anyone who loves adventure, history and romance will be pulled into the story and enjoy the mystery that keeps them engrossed till the last page.

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