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Why I write

Let’s begin at the beginning. There are two very simple yet complex questions. What motivates me to write and why did I write this particular novel. The answer to the first question seems straight forward. I feel compelled to write in large part as an involuntary process. I haven’t evolved to the point where writing is part of my autonomic nervous system like Steven King or Dan Brown but it is a work in progress. I have finished the first draft of my first book and am sketching out ideas for the next, and future projects swirl in the ether of my mind. I hope this is not some sort of weird addiction.

The process can certainly be enjoyable at times - like the endorphins a runner gets giving he or she a “Runner’s high” I guess in this case one could call it a “writer’s high.” A good story teller simply enjoys telling a good story. As the story unfolds on the page, I can be entertained as much as my audience. I write down my general ideas for the story and describe the main characters but I do not outline my writing as some writers carefully structure their works.

Certainly there are other motivations to write for me as well as others. Like any artistic expression the writer feels a sense of pride and accomplishment. Just as an artist may be moved to paint or sculpt and a musician to pen a score, writing can serve the same emotional release. The resulting product of course is open to other’s opinions just as any other art work. How any work is received depends not only on its quality but also on the audience. Fame and fortune or even the attempt at such is a goal that many strive for but few achieve.

Now that I am retired writing may simply be the thrill of a new adventure. Some might say I’m avoiding various honey- do chores or self directed projects I have been putting off. Unfortunately the projects are still there even after my writing adventure is over for the day.

Hopefully the writing process makes me a more interesting spouse, father or friend.

As medicine has played a major role in my life, the old adage to write about what you know clearly directs me towards scientific study and the art of healing. This can be somewhat subtle at times and more direct at others. As I continue to write we will see where this leads. Certainly, after practicing medicine for 40 years I hopefully still have a few words of advise to dispense to an unsuspecting public.

I am not beyond appreciating the lure of fame and fortune but am realistic that the likelihood of either these days is limited. Who knows where the whims of the reading public flows and where fortune (other than in in a cookie) resides. I can only do my best and unleash my products on a trusting world.

My journey into my first novel, Brews and Stilettos, began with a visit to my brother in Los Angeles and a trip to his favorite watering hole Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena. My brother, David, an attorney in LA was into Belgian beers (as are some of his friends) had started a beer club called the LA Drunk Monks. While enjoying a few brews at Luckys with the Drunk Monks we discussed the Trappist Monasteries in Belgium that brew beer and how old the supervising monks were getting. I teased them suggesting we could go to Belgium and pretend we were monks ourselves and take over the brewing. The premise of my book was born! I wanted more of an adventure and felt my plot needed some enigma for my characters to pursue and enemies they had to overcome. Chasing the fountain of youth held the intrigue I wanted and evil Russian villains wielding stiletto knives presented formidable foes for my heroes..

My main characters David and Clint are loosely fashioned after my brother and his friend in LA. My female characters mirror my fashion conscious daughter and some of her friends. I did have a young Bette Middler in mind for my character Giselle.

I have always loved travel and who could not love Paris as one logical location for my troops. Mongolia came out of my fascination with Genghis Kahn and a fortuitous meeting with Dr Chandra from UNR. The rest of the story evolved as a product of all the above.

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